Anonymous asked:

This is ridicules, but how do I know my boyfriend is genuine? I mean, he does constantly say how much he cares for me but he has many attractive female friends and is always surrounded by them and acts much friendlier than what I'm comfortable with. Not to mention I basically pushed our relationship to begin and now I'm not so sure if it's real or not. Yes, he does tell me sweet nothing's and I'm so in love, but there's always that doubt that can't seem to go away even after we talk it through.

I know that feeling. Coping with doubt is really hard. Have you told him that you’re uncomfortable with the way he interacts with other women? My boyfriend also has a lot of female friends, but knows that I still get jealous easily, no matter how far away I am. As for the pushing bit…I guess you just have to trust. If you’ve had an honest conversation with him about your doubts so that he completely understands them, then it’s up to you to trust him. I know taking that leap can be very difficult. It’s ok to try to protect yourself as much as you can, but you also have to give a bit of yourself away. Trust in the happiness you have with him.

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